Saturday, December 13, 2008

a trip down memory lane

the last four months have been a time full of heart-warming events between me and the brohans that i am sure i will never, ever forget. never. ever ever ever. but just in case (and for the sake of posterity), here are some of my favorite broments:
  1. that time one of the bros vomited all over my stairs after chugging a bag of franzia¹ during early interview week.
  2. that time they got us ticketed for leaving behind the remains of 18 different pieces of furniture destroyed beyond recognition on our front lawn.
  3. that time they blasted m.i.a.'s paper planes (my favorite!) at 8 in the morning on a saturday². bang bang bang bang!
  4. that time they played toby keith at 4 in the morning and i had to stand on my bed whacking the ceiling with a broomstick like a crotchety old lady.
  5. that time they all decided to stop by³ right after i had showered and wasn't wearing any clothes! that was hilaaaaaaaaarious.
and these are just the ones off the top of my head!!! more to come. . . .

i'm guessing. looked like it.
² every single g.d. saturday, all fall long.
³ drunkenly barge into my apartment.

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