Monday, August 24, 2009

new intel

met the nice lady next door who explained the mystery behind the late night grunting on the erg machine. apparently the house across the street houses the entire roster of the university men's crew team. and the house to its right? houses an absurd number of crew team alums. awesome.

swear to god, i'm a bro magnet.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

last night . . .

i feel asleep to the sweet sound of
from the bro across the street
as he worked out on his porch
on one of these:

it's gonna be a gooooood year.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

new digs

much to the chagrin of many of my devoted readers, i moved down the street on friday to escape my beloved/loathed brosephs. there have been cries of concern: "what will happen to my most favorite blog?" "does this spell the end for bruns and the brosephs???" and the occasional threat: "i just committed identity theft and renewed your lease."

well, i'm here to quell your fears, my gentle readership. why just today my morning entertainment included watching two brosephs clean up the remains of a 6-piece dining room set, some lawn chairs, and a bbq grill scattered across both lanes of the main thoroughfare between our two homes (casualties of last night's celebratory activities, obvs). the best part? they had matching navy gym shorts and blue camo shirts. BRO CLONES! the old place never had those!

and so, ladies and gentlemen, i assure you:

Thursday, August 13, 2009

bruns is BACK!

i encountered my first of the replacement bros this afternoon when he was giving a tour of the "estate" with--count 'em--FOUR lady friends. their tour mainly consisted of hanging out on my back porch drinking some high class beverage in plastic red cups.

i encountered the rest of the new bros over the last couple hours when i had to tell them to shut the H up not one, not two, but three times! the old bros never made me trek down the stairs more than once. makes me kind of miss 'em! (emphasis on "kind of.")

Saturday, August 8, 2009

email from my landlord

"Enclosed is a cleaning checklist that we ask you to complete upon move out. Please be sure to remove all personal items and debris, as we do charge for removal of trash and other items left behind. This does include beer pong tables and grills."

at least she knows what she's dealing with.