Tuesday, December 9, 2008

status message: brosephs are fighting!!!!!!! about the dishwasher!!!!!!!!!

7:33 PM bruns' concerned friend: It's FRATRICIDE!!!1
7:34 PM bruns: HAHAHAHAAA
except it's my life
7:35 PM concerned friend: the bros you live with?
7:37 PM bruns: yep
they're so pissed!!!!!!!
their lives are so hard!!!!!!!!!!!
it must be tough to be blacked out wednesday-saturday
concerned friend: like yelling-pissed or like snarky remarks-pissed...
7:38 PM bruns: yelling-pissed
concerned friend: it IS hard to be blacked-out wed-sat!
wait... a dishwasher? how could a dishwasher make one so pissed?
7:39 PM bruns: something to do with loading, unloading, eating out of something with mold on it, i don't know
7:41 PM concerned friend: "Fuck you, BRO! This isn't your pasta fork! It's EVERYBODY'S!!!"

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