Tuesday, October 6, 2009

nobody can [do a keg stand / crush a beer can / pop a collar] like gaston!!!

so appaaaaaaarently some of you didn't find the tale of a long-gone-see-you-never bro as titillating as a doing-crazy-shit-right-now-next-door bro. fine, whatever, at least my mom thinks the last post was funny. and because all i really care about is what mama bruns thinks, i shall move on to the genre of fictional bros for today's installment of GREATEST BROSEPHS OF ALL TIME, or whatever. anyway, let's discuss:

mother effin' gaston
from disney's beauty and the beast
oh darn. wrong picture.

anyway, let's review his stats, shall we?
  • like the aforementioned warren g., gaston enjoys boozing, fighting, and spitting (okay, i don't know if warren g. actually liked spitting, but one can assume)
  • and like my old brosephs, he doesn't believe in women telling him no
  • and like pretty much every broseph, he likes beer! especially after a girl disses him
  • he likes to throw parties! albeit surprise wedding ones
  • he likes to talk about his biceps! and how hairy he is!
  • and of course, he'd get into fisticuffs any day over a broad; even if that means death. and it did. whoopsies, gaston!
so there you have it folks. did this make you miss the old brosephs a little less? no??? yeah, me neither.

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