Monday, October 5, 2009

historical bros

since the present is lacking in comedic antics of neighborhood brosephs, it's time to turn our sights to the past. inspired by erik's post on russian monk bros, i am going to elaborate on my own worthy suggestion:

warren g. harding

let's review the facts, shall we?
  • harding's 2 years as president were consumed with drinking booze, boning mistresses, and gambling away the white house china with his "poker cabinet"
  • he played ping pong daily (whether there was beer in cups on the other side of the table is debatable)
  • he owned so many clothes that they had to add extra closets to the white house (can you say pink polo shirts???)
  • he didn't really like to work very hard
  • he made up words! like normalcy (or brah or brohan or broseph?)
  • he liked hanging out (and probably boozing) on front porches
  • and lastly, LOOK AT HIS LADY FRIENDS! they're total brosephinas:

well, that's it for now, folks. stayed tuned for further brofiles!

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