Wednesday, May 19, 2010

deja vu

i just looked outside and saw red vomit splattered all over the front steps of my house.  gross, obviously, but also a tad bit spooky.  back when i moved into my old apartment in august 2008, i was introduced to evidence of the brosephs long before i even met the brosephs themselves.  yep, one fateful summer night long ago, i came home to splattered red vomit all over the front steps.  it was the beginning of what would become the most ludicrous and exhausting years of my life -- the year of bunking with the bros and the year of the funniest blog you have ever read (i.e., this one).  but you might have noticed that things have been quiet lately, with postings few and far between.  when a bro does enter my life, it is only for a fleeting second and that short moment must be captured and shared and remembered with all of you.  but you have probably noticed that those short moments are never as good as the real thing and they merely make us long for the good ole days.  back when we knew that it was doug who had guzzled an entire box of franzia all by himself pre-gaming for rick's and that it was he who had subsequently lost it all as he booted red vom all over the porch stairs.  back then, the red vom had meaning; now, it is just a reminder of the way things were . . .

you are missed, brosephs.

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