Saturday, January 16, 2010

dissed and dismissed

so i forgot to mention that about a month ago i had a little encounter with the bros across the street.  it was well into the wee hours of the night as i took out some recycling post-holiday party so that my apartment wouldn't smell like rick's the next morning (ahem, stale beer -- not whatever your dirty mind was thinking).  there was a bunch of banging and crashing of glass (what?  not my fault my friends are lushes) so the bros (well into their 7th hour of partying) asked me if i needed a hand.  i said i was good, just party clean-up, and then they harassed me for not inviting them over.  a fair point, until i quickly noted that they had never invited me over for one of their late night shindigs that quite possibly kept me up all night and maybe forced me to call the fine folks at the local police department.  they conceded, and promised (crossed their hearts and hoped to die) to invite me over for the next soiree.  fast forward to tonight where the boisterous noise coming from the other side of the street most clearly indicates that the second coming of christ has happened OR SOMETHING and i'm still waiting for my invite.  what's that i hear?  a journey sing-a-long?  GOD, THIS IS SO NOT FAIR.  i miss the old bros.

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