Thursday, January 29, 2009

chief den mom!

i just came home to a broseph birthday party downstairs and a huge 70 pound box sent by my mom on the porch. as i struggled to maneuver the box inside, an unknown bro came outside to help. at first he was confused (read: drunk).

bro #1: what are you doing?
me: trying to take this upstairs.
bro #1: upstairs??
me: yeah, i live up there.
bro #1: with the DUDES?!?
me: no, i have my own apartment.
bro #1: wait, no. HERE?!?

he didn't believe me. bros #2 and #3 came out to help. they dismissed bro #1 when i confirmed that there was breakable stuff inside, asked whether there were any cookies when i said it was from my mom, and carried the box upstairs and into my apartment.

bro #2: man, it smells gooooooood in here...
bro #3: like a girrrrrrrrrrrl...
me: well, yeah, okay, thanks guys. uh, have fun tonight. make good choices!
bro #2: thanks. you're like our den mom.
bro #3: like a CHIEF den mom.
me: yeah. kinda.
bro #2: it ain't easy watching over us.
me: it sure ain't. it suuuuure ain't.

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